Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Happy New Year, May you all have wonderful 2015!

REVIEW: Lavie Lash (Amaryllis)

Hello Beauties!
Sambil nunggu pergantian tahun ke 2015, nih aku kenalin my current fave faux-lashes.

SAY HELLO TO "LAVIE LASH" The most luscious lashes you'll ever own!

Ini 100% produk lokal loh (made in Indonesia), made from natural human (makanya bener-bener lightweight, nggak berat dimata plus natural)

Ada sekitar belasan varian faux lashes yang bisa kamu pilih tentunya, dari seri au naturel, demi goddess, maison de poupee, wildflower sampai yang terbaru fairy dust!

Actually aku udah nyobain banyak modelnya mulai dari yang natural buat daily sampai yang flirty doll look a like. Tapi tetap yang jadi favorit yaitu Amaryllis from Wildflower series.

- cute packaging!!
- made from natural human hair ( I hate syntetic ones)
- affordable (dulu pas beli ini harganya IDR 30rb, sekarang naik harganya jadi IDR 35rb hiks, tapi masih tergolong murah kok untuk ukuran luxury lashes, human hair pula
- lightweight
- reusable (asal perawatannya bener, bisa di pakai sampai 3-4 kali or even more kalau kamu orangnya telaten dan rapi :)
- ada instruction how to apply the lashes, oke banget nih buat kamu yang pemula




PS : If you want the review in English please let me know and just comment down below :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Time 2014

Hello, beauties!

It's Christmas right? This year, I'm spending Christmas with my family in Yogyakarta, like every other Christmases and New years. Because it's family time! FYI, our family lives apart from each other, which is pretty uncommon for Indonesian family (or other asian countries I guess). I live with my sister in Jakarta because or work and school, my mother and my little brother live in our house in Yogyakarta, and my father live in Eastern Indonesia in Biak, Papua. He works there and travel back home every once in a while.

Basically, Christmas and new years are holidays that get us back together.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Good morning!

Today I woke up earlier in order to take my mom to airport for morning flight. So yeah, spending my morning drinking our airport's bad coffee sporting a sleepy look. Totally forgot that we have starbucks here LOL

what about your morning?

Carpe diem

XO - Georgiana

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Review: Ecotools Mineral Brush Set

Hello, Beauties!
So I just got a brand new brush set from Ecotools called Ecotools Mineral Brush Set, consist of 4 brushes and 1 pouch to keep the brushes in.

(L-R): makeup pouch, mini kabuki, concealer brush, eyeshading brush, mineral powder brush
I purchased this set from local online store in Instagram for IDR 170000 (It's USD 9.99 on ecotools website, so CHEAP)

what's in the set?
1. Mini Kabuki : This is the smallest Kabuki I've ever seen. It's really cute and despite the size it does a good job, really useful for reaching small areas like under eyes, the nose and basically all over your face. And it is so soft and fluffy I could die! RATE: 5/5
look how tiny it is!

2. Concealer brush: I really don't know what to do with this brush since I don't really like using it for concealer application. It does feel streaky on your face and just it doesn't do well with concealer. I tried using it and ended up using my finger to 'sink' the concealer in. Also the handle doesn't feel right, I don't know why. RATE: 1/5

3. Eyeshading brush: It should be called eye blending brush I guess. I just use it for put eyeshadow in crease area and then blend blend blend. Really nice for blending eyeshadows and so soft, like a lullaby to my eyelid. RATE 5/5
(L-R) : concealer brush, eyeshading brush
4. Mineral powder brush: I use this to apply product in my area. It pick the blush very well and make the blush look very natural on me. FYI, I have a pretty pigmented blush from Catrice, and I usually have to use it with a light hand. However, imho, this brush is not very suitable for contouring, I find it rather too soft and a little too flimsy for contouring. RATE: 3/5
Mineral powder brush

Lastly, the pouch.  this is a just a simple average mini makeup bag with zipper. Nothing special tho'. You can bring your brushes in this bag and even toss lipstick and mini shadows too in it.

In my opinion, this is a pretty great brush set that you toss in your bag for touch-up or even to travel with during trips. Personally, this is gonna be my ultimate travel companion when I don't want to bring a lot of makeup and big brushes. 
Also this is an eco friendly set, It just feels right to beautify your while protecting the enviroment :)

 XO - Georgiana

Friday, December 5, 2014

TOP 5 Beauty Wishlist

Hello Beauties! So, here's my current list of the beauty good that I want to try. I actually have longer list, but this is kind of the TOP 5 of my list.

1. Chiaroscuro contour and highlight stick (Em Cosmetics)  : I do have a contour kit that I got from Coastal Scent, but since the palette's pretty huge so I've been thinking to get a handy one that I can traveled with. This chiaroscuro seems like the the cutest ever, nice size and it came in lipstick-y shape, I bet it's really easy to use, I mean, you don't even need a brush. The only thing that bothers me is the price, quite expensive! It retails for $24, and even more expensive in Indonesia, I've seen several online store based in Indonesia sell it for Rp. 400.000 to 500.000ish (approx. $30-40).

2. Revealed Palette (Coastal Scents) : Closest dupe for Naked palette, I guess. and apparently It's sold online as well. duh!

3. Beauty Blender : Enough said about this beauty tool, I feel like it's about time to get one of this.

4. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation : I know this is not a new released product but again, we don't have Covergirl product here,so...I don't get any chance to tried this foundie after all this time. If you want in depth review, just check DulceCandy's review on youtube :)

5. MAC Kinda Sexy: I just want this so much, out of curiousity.

Thank you for reading :)
XO- Georgiana


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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hello again

Hello beauties,
I know I've been MIA for a very long time, I was just so busy with school and stuff. But now that I done with school stuff, let's get back to business. hoorrayyy!!
Well, honestly I still don't know what to cover/write on my blog yet, but here are some idea of the upcoming post:
1. Local brand product. So, I admit, us Indonesian don't have many cosmetics options especially drugstore ones. But few days ago, I was just strolling around the internet and found Harumi's post (Harumi is one of Indonesian beauty blogger/beautypreneur) about product of a local brand called Pixi. I heard about this brand before but honestly I have never used it before. The product shown on the website is pretty cute tho'.

2. Make up wishlist? yes do have a LOT of make up that I want to try. Most of them are USA drugstore products, since it's hard get in indonesia. For High end brand like the balm, make up forever, MAC etc, they're now widely available in Malls I believe.

3. My current 'what's-in-my-makeup-bag' post?

So, please wait for the upcoming blog post and thank you for reading..

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Review: Jordana fabuliner in black & Nyx eye pencil in gold

Third post! Yay!

Recently i just received new beauty supplies that i purchased from an online shop based in indonesia >> , do check their website and instagram @tokomakeup, they open USA drugstore preorder every month with awesome price.

First row: jordana fabuliner shade black (Rp. 50000)
2nd row: nyx eyepencil shade gold (Rp. 42000)

Jordana Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner
The product come in a pen-like/slim marker-like form with felt tip. Easy to use too, i find no difficulty to draw even a thin line. It's actually very similar to Nyx Super Skinny eye Marker that I used before. Here's the swatch comparison. 
    1st row: nyx skinny eye marker
    2nd row: Jordana fabuliner
   - easy to use, glide on smoothly
   - cheap! Compare to the nyx one
   - slim packaging, easy to travel with
   - odorless

   - not waterproof :( not smudge proof (without primer)
   - a little runny compare to nyx eyeliner marker. So use it with a light hand
   - only stays for approx 3 hours without eye primer, maybe less if you have super oily eyelids

Overall: 3/5, will buy it again? Probably, just for everyday use.

Nyx eye/eyebrow pencil in Gold
I definetely can't wear this eyelinerpencil. No good color pay off, but it might work on someone with lighter complexion or people with light eyelid. I have pretty dark eyelid that the color doesnt even show up :( , the shade is pretty though.
    Left :with UD primer potion
    Right : no primer

Friday, March 7, 2014

review: Hada Labo Gokyujun Ultimate Mosturizing

So, I've been wanting to try this skincare product since ages ago finally this chance has arrived hihi..

To be honest i've been eyeing this japan product almost  everytime i go the the local supermarket, but, as always, i hesitate.  this morning, i found out that i ran out of  my usual face wash (cetaphil) and then decided to make a quick trip to the nearest supermarket. Then i saw this babies. They come in full size product retail from Rp. 60000ish for a bottle of 100ml. aaaand, a sample set consist of 3 items: face wash, lotion (which apparently working as face toner) and mosturizer milk. The price for this set is Rp. 22000 (cheapy right?) The brand actually has 3 type, antiageing, whitening and moisturizing. I chose the moisturizing since i don't wanna use any product with whitening effect and well I don't need the antiageing one just yet. this moisturizing set is intended for people with dry to normal skin ( i have combination skin, but i find it okay to use this type)

This hada labo set contains hyaluronic acids that help to give optimal moisture.
The milk and lotion, clearly have watery consistency, that i actually like because it's easier to use. the milk one tend to get sticky at first, then gets soft after a minute or two. the face wash is great too, my face felt clean after i use it and it gives of somehow a firm feeling.

- odorless
- cheap!
- cleanse and moisturize well
- irritant free

- none

Thursday, March 6, 2014

first post!

hello there...
first of all, i wanna introduce myself. I'm an 23 y.o Indonesian girl (or should i say, a woman, daaang i'm old) currently studying in med school. hopefully it'll be finished by this year (finger crossed.
I finally decided to make a blog to write about basically everything, but maybe i'll focus more on beauty/makeup section. well, we'll see....

PS: i'll write in either bahasa Indonesia or English