Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Things/person that excite me (or make me happy)

I am a crazy kid! I giggle at simple stuff, I scream full of joy over small things. Sometimes for no particular reason or simply because the mood was good. I get kinda.. manic-ish like a lot, most of days especially when I have/meet these stuff/person.

First on the list: My boyfriend. We've been together as an item for about 3.5year now I guess. But I've known him for  6 years. We met on second day at college. I don't like him at first, because of his cocky-ness (he still does). But before I realize, we had grown closer to each other then fell in love (awww..) we still fighting each other too. Almost Daily. But, whenever I saw him, my heart still jump happily!

My cousins. They were my first bestfriends. Eventhough we live apart from each other, miles away from each other. We still keep in touch. And seeing them, it's like seeing your old friends that you miss so much. PS: I have 20ish cousins with girls my age as majority.

Make up. I LOVE MAKEUP. Higher end, drugstore ones. I Love 'em all. Equally. For me trying new cosmetic feels like meeting new people (interesting colourful people). Once, I saw this new make up brand that I wanted to try so much I couldn't sleep. The magnet is so strong, too strong. 

Picnic. Who doesn't?  Seating underneath a tree with your love ones. Took a nap. Drinking lemonade. Lovely. That reminds me, it's been a while. Hoping that this rainy season will be over soon. So I can go out and having picnic time. 

Baking. I'm not a baker. 50% of my baked goods were failures. But still. I love to try new cake recipe. 

Get yourself ready, the last one is going to be weird. Washing the dishes. It calms my crazy nerve. This is indeed, one of my favorite house chore. 

How about you? What's the simple thing that makes you happy?

xo - Georgiana