Wednesday, February 11, 2015

[review] Revealed Palette

Hello Beauties! Long time no see, eh?

So today I will be reviewing a not-so-new palette from coastal scent "REVEALED PALETTE" 

Actually I've been having and using this palette for about 3 months or so, and I have to say that I'm in Love with this lil guy. this palette comes in 2 versions (Revealed and Revealed 2) I didn't have the 2nd one at moment, I can't really tell what's it like. But i do heard some great review about it, and  a lot beauty bloggers say that the 2nd one is also a close dupe to naked family (UD Naked 3)

Revealed Palette (excuse the pic's quality as only I took it with my cellphone :p )
The palette itself is really slim and light which is great for travelling or storing, and it has a magnetic closure on the lid, which is nice. And contains of 20 shades of shimmers and a few mattes (there are only 4 mattes, that's great enough for me, I'm not a big fan of matte eye shadows as they sometimes looks dull on me, I don't know why)

SWATCHES indoor light w/o flash

w/ flash

Shade 1:   pale matte yellow toned beige shade. Perfect for highlight/ browbone shadow
Shade 2:  pale pinky champagne with tiny silver shimmer. Creamy and pigmented
Shade 3:  rosey pinky shade with silver shimmer, this is my favorite lid color!
Shade 4:  matte light tan
Shade 5: medium toned matte taupe shade
Shade 6:  medium Bronzy brown with gold shimmer
Shade 7:  medium matte brown that is perfect for crease/ blending/ brow shade
Shade 8: A shimmery gold
Shade 9:  A Deep taupe brown with golden shimmer
Shade 10:  This is a taupe-y shimmery silver

Shade 11:  Deep Copper Brown 
Shade 12:  Deep brown shade with the slightest shimmery finish
Shade 13:  A deep taupey grey shade
Shade 14: Darker version of shade 12
Shade 15: Medium rose gold with a copper undertone
Shade 16:  This is a little like Shade 13 only more on the brown side
Shade 17:  like shade 15 only more on the coppery side
Shade 18:  A Deep dark brown with a slight golden shimmer
Shade 19:  A Deep Silver
Shade: 20:  A Deep matte black, this one is more on the chalkier side, but still great if you can blend it nicely

- great packaging (slim, lightweight, travel friendly)
- affordable, great alternative to naked palette
- versatile, from simple daily look to smoky look
- the shimmers are super pretty, a really nice satin finish, super creamy
- with primer, this definitely stay for at least 6-7 hours even if you have oily eyelids

- no mirror
- Some of the matte shade are not as good (e.g : the matte black)

overall: 4/5

-XO Georgiana