Thursday, May 7, 2015

Favorite Beauty Youtuber

Okay, I have to admit I do watch youtube like ALL-THE-FREAKING-TIME-I-CAN-NOT-STOP. Mostly makeup tutorials or beauty reviews. I don't know it's just addicting to watch beautiful ladies with flawless makeup. 

So here's my TOP 5 list of them beauty people :

This gorgeous latina had me at her first "coffee break with me! woo!
She's so bubbly, full of smile, really funny, does a great review/tutorial, and you know what? watching her videos is like having a nice chat with a friend (whilst having coffee)
ENOUGH SAID, this is why she's on top of my list. 
PS: I love how she calls her sons 'Tater' and 'Donut' 

She's beautiful, does awesome beauty tutorial and swatches, and also she did a collaboration with the brand ColourPopCosmetics for Lip Product (Lumiere Lippie Stix and Lip Pencil, also eyeshadow set). I have the Lumiere lippie stix one, and It is an amazing color. I might actually make a review about it next, hopefully)

Ok, I admit that I watch her videos not only for beauty stuff, but also for her cute kids. She has 4 channels on youtube for tutorial and vlogs, I guess (itsjudytime, ItsJudysLife, ItsMommysLife and BellezaConJudy). She also has a blog, So go go go check it out!

The swatch goddess. This where I go when I'm in need of lipsticks. Not to mention she has a cute accent. I am a weird person, I know. But go watch her channel!

She seems like a wonderful, humble kind of person. And  If you're a drugstore product lover like me, you're gonna love her channel.

That's my top 5, What's your fave?

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